Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Voodoo VIXX style

Well VIXX, that was creepy, like very much so. The beginning was gross and creepy and painful and dark... I had seen teaser pictures for this MV and I've heard about it but I wasn't expecting this, given the fact that  the last VIXX song I heard was G.R.8.U. That was a cute, fun, song with a creative MV. This MV takes "Keeping KPop Idols Hostage" thing to a new level. Turning them into Voodoo dolls/Voodoo animals is an unacceptable thing to do; fangirls, I don't suggest you do this, it's a bad idea. So, VIXX, When i first saw their debut song, Superhero, I kind of ignored it cause I didn't love it or find myself wanting to listen to it again but then I saw Rock UR Body which was awesome!! and then I saw On and On, Hyde, I loved G.R.8.U, and wasn't a fan of Girls, Why? and Only U was nice to look at but I didn't like the song. With VIXX, for me, it's really a hit or miss; either I love it or I don't. One thing is for sure though, I like N. :) Another thing that is for sure, VIXX likes to be taken prisoner and held captive by women.
Moving on, so after I got over the creepiness of this video I kind of liked the song and the MV grew on me and by the time I finished it, I liked it in a creepy sort of way. I feel a little bad for VIXX, being stuck with that, obviously, crazy girl. Couldn't they have staged a breakout or something? I would have settled for killing her. Yet again, F4fighting! and I do not condone killing but this seems like an appropriate situation, if you ever needed to kill someone, as far as situations go. L, we're looking at you as you murder an innocent bystander cause that is not an appropriate situation.
I think N and Ravi liked that skull stick-knife-thing a little too much. I'm interested to see a live version cause, you know, they can't really stab each other on stage...

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