Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day'n Night

Oh hey, look at that. Tasty's music video/mini video thing is out. Curses, now I'm gonna have to figure out which one is which again. Alright, I can do this. So The girl in the video is... dating one of the twins and hanging out with both? Or maybe she's dating one and wants to date the other so she's hanging out with both? OR maybe she can't figure out which one she's dating so she's just dating them both? But it sort of looks like she's playing them so they get beaten up by those gangsters at the end and she gets away scotch free.  This is not a song I would just listen to. I thought the beat was repetitive through the entire song and it was mostly just the beat/song with little lyrics. It was just alright, and I really liked You Know Me way better! The beat was more fun, the dancing was cooler, their outfits were cooler; seriously, those clothes made their dancing look heavy and maybe a little off balance.

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