Thursday, November 14, 2013

Who You? Who Me? Who GD?

So G-Dragon gathered 1000 of his fans and made a music video. That's cool. There's nothing super eye-catching or special about this music video apart form the fact that parts of it were taken from the recordings the fans took. It's kind of a cute thoughtful thought; G-Dragon putting on sort of a mini concert for a thousand of his fans and having them appear in his music video. Also, he thanks them all at the end and puts all of their names in the music video. Granted the names are all pretty small but hey, it's a thousand people to fit on that screen and if you zoom in you can pretty much read what the names say.  It's a cute idea where he poses for the cameras and walks around pointing at people and singing and having the crowd sing back to him and he has some cute things written on the ground and the glass. All in all, very normal for a G-Dragon MV...


  1. Um....was I the only one who found it odd to be locked up in a glass cage to be looked at like some circus freak or zoo animal?? ...whatever suits your fancy, GD....

  2. Of course it was odd, but it's GD... So it's actually relatively normal... ish. He could have been dressed like an animal so let's be happy that didn't happen.