Monday, November 25, 2013

Clean Voodoo Dolls

Well VIXX has released a "Clean Version" of Voodoo Doll. It's less creepy, yes, but I don't feel like the story of the song makes sense now and it's just like another KPop video. What made Voodoo Doll different was the creepy feel to it, the bloody, and the morbidness of it. I haven't seen another KPop video that has literally made m skin crawl the first time watching it. Thought I had trouble watching it the first time, I got over the goriness and love the video. We don't get to see the girl tormenting and torturing VIXX, nor do we get to see why VIXX is chained up and slightly demented looking, and we don't get any of the stabbing each other with the skull microphone nightstick thing. Maybe I'll consider this their Dance Version and hope that a practice version still comes out. I'm also a little upset that they had to change the Choreography for live performances so they aren't stabbing each other with that... I'm just gonna call it a Skull Cane., it's not as dramatic now, with members pulling it out of other members and all. Oh well.

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