Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mad, ly, missing you, in love with you, going mad/crazy because of you?

Ha! I called it! Super sad, pretty, and heartbreakingly devastating! High fives for dramajunkie! *high five* Woo. Yeah! Well that was super sad and heartbreaking. I didn't understand it, except I Miss You, and I Love You, crazy and obvious words like that, but wow, very sad and heart wrenching. Let me just quickly cry in a corner before I finish this. It sounded slightly familiar... Kind of like Severely, the whole rock ballad sort of vibe. Very devastating sounding, good job Hongki. There is one thing this group knows how to do, it's put in a completely emotional performance. The music video felt slightly unnecessary cause they were really just standing around singing and playing. Like I'm not sure I understood why there was a little story in it. I totally get that he misses the girl and he's running away from his pain? But why was it in there? It was so short that it hardly seemed needed. Severely had a story, Hello, Hello sort of had a story, I Wish tried to have a story. Other music videos FTISLAND has done kind of had stories to them... and he was running the whole video and then he fell and the girl was there and then they were singing again and the music video ended. It was a very nice sad song. I commend Hongki for having normal hair for once. I really hope a car doesn't come down that tunnel cause all their equipment will be destroyed, and they might get hurt.

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