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The King 2 Hearts Drama Review

Summary: The King 2 Hearts is a drama, (and I do mean a drama in the very sad sense), about a South Korean Prince, Lee Jae Ha(Lee Seung Gi), who falls in love with a North Korean woman, Kim Hang Ah(Ha Ji Won). The drama starts out by introducing a joint collaboration team consisting of members from North and South Korea. The current King, Lee Jae Kang, wants to have peace between North and South Korea and believes that this joint team which, will participate in the WOC (I have no idea what this stands for but it's a huge military strategy "game" between tons of nations), can help that cause along. This particular team consists of: Kim Hang Ah: A female North Korean Military Special Agent. Lee Jae Ha: Prince of South Korea and major playboy, jokester. Eun Shi Kyung: South Korean Officer who is very old fashioned but after becoming a Royal Guard he ends up being Lee Jae Ha's best friend. Rhee Kang Seok: North Korean Military officer who has a hilarious obsession with Girl's Generation, a South Korean Girl Group. Kwan Yong Bae: A North Korean expert Sniper and Marksman, he doesn't look very smart, and he isn't, but I think he's adorable. Yeom Dong Ha: A South Korean Military man who helps the prince try to seduce Hang Ah. The team is disbanded super early on in the drama due to some *ahem* minor trust issues and a fake bullet to the team leader's head; fired by Lee Jae Ha. Guess who was the team leader that he shot at. Yep, Kim Hang Ah. Oops... :/ Luckily we get to see them all together again later in the drama, though not for long enough I think.
After the disbandment of the team, Lee Jae Ha is sent home to the palace where he deals with the fact that he is attracted to North Korean Agent Kim Hang Ah, whom he constantly rejected and then tried to kill. Jae Ha's older brother, King Jae Kang, decides that a marriage between these two would be a great idea. And so the drama really begins. It takes about five episodes but it does begin. The couple goes through many, and I mean MANY, difficulties because he is from South Korea and she is from North Korea but eventually they work it out and end up together. Eun Shi Kyung and Yeom Dong Ha are recruited as Royal Guards and help Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hong Ah through the difficulties. Eun Shi Kyung ends up falling in love with Lee Jae Ha's younger sister, the spunky and wild Princess Lee Jae Shin and she eventually reciprocates his feelings but he's so stiff and old fashioned that he doesn't dare do anything more than admiring her from afar, which is more endearing in this drama than it is frustrating like in most other dramas. 

Wow, this was a really sad drama, made me cry. First drama ever to make me cry., I don't count Jeremy's bus scene in You're Beautiful cause I bawled in that one; bawling is totally different from crying, I swear. And after finishing it I kind of wanted to curl up in a corner and die for a few minutes. It says the genre is: Action, Romance, and Comedy. That's a lie. It wasn't funny, not funny at all. It gave me terrible pain in my heart. I loved it. This drama ruined my life. I was sad for days after I finished it. A drama that gets you invested that deeply is a good drama; however, it is a world of pain. The characters go through so much and you feel so bad for them. Watch this drama. Feel the pain, love  the pain. At first I thought that I didn't like Hang ah as a character, but I realized that she's talking with a North Korean accent and I'm used to listening to Seoul, country, or Busan accents so it just threw me off. She's pretty hard core awesome.

The villain is insane, very good job at coming off as eccentric and just plain psychotic.
I absolutely love that we get to see Lee Seung Gi in a serious drama. The first time I saw him was in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and he was just silly and funny in that. We see him really play a character who goes through trails and hardships until he's groomed to be the man he is at the end of the drama. His character always had the potential to be Lee Seung Gi does a really good job at this part. It takes a talented actor to be able to play two complete opposite characters. I'm proud of him.
And if I wasn't already smitten with Lee Seung Gi, him playing the piano, which he really can do(!!!), just sealed the deal. Be still my pounding heart. And I love his hands. He'd give the best hugs in the world. I want a hug from Lee Seung Gi...

Rating: 9/10

Most Memorable Moment:
Episode 18:

Hang Ah is being kept as a North Korean Fugitive in a Chinese prison. After Hang Ah threatens to kill the doctor attending to her wounds if he doesn't hand over his cell phone, she contacts Jae Ha. She has just enough time to tell him her location before a guard comes in firing a gun and yelling at her to stop or she's dead. Jae ha wastes no time canceling everything and speeding over to China to retrieve Hang Ah. Jae ha makes a phone call to stop people from leaving the prison till he gets there, but the guards are already making plans to remove her when he is distracted while searching for her. Team Jae ha searches the prison up and down while the head guard stands outside nervously with Jae ha. How much do I love that Young Bae is pretty much tripping over himself in worry over finding her? So sweet.

Hang ah is being held at gunpoint, surrounded by guards when she hears Team Jae ha calling for her. She manages to knock down her captors and scream Jae ha's name before she's gaged and hauled away. Jae ha hears this and bolts in the direction of her cries. He frantically searches the prison until he sees her being dragged out of sight by guards one floor above him. She sees him too and quickly smashes one guard into the wall, knocks another one down, and then kicks the the same guard she just smashed into the wall, in the face. Hang ah takes off when the last standing guard takes aim and shoots. She hits the floor. Jae ha freezes when eh hears the shot and watches as Hang ah falls, then as the blood starts to drip onto the ground below. He stares motionless as she just lays there, bleeding. He's finally spurred into motion by realization that she's likely dead and he stumbles up the stairs with his team close behind. It's painful to watch Jae ha slowly walk towards, his hand on his head, as he's terrified to approach her body, not ready to accept what just happened. He hesitates to kneel beside her and with trembling hands, he turns her over. Her eyes move to look at him and the relief in his is instant. He gasps her name while she gasps in pain. The bullet hit her leg, which caused her to fall. Hang ah ekes out that she's fine and Jae ha just clutches her to himself, completely relieved that she's alive as he cries.

The music is beautiful, the scene is beautiful, especially after watching the pain they both went through. Well played King 2 Hearts, well played. Watch the scene. There is no way to describe the emotion Lee Seung Gi portrays.

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  1. Dare I say I wanted to struggle Jae Ha like in the ten first episodes! If it wasn't Lee Seung Gi portraying him I would have.

    I also was proud of him, he grew up as an actor in this drama, the Ha Ji Won effect, omo their chemistry, I think I saw the refrigerator blushing when they kissed?

    My favorite scene is all ep 18 including that scene! When he made a press conferance to tell his people who killed his brother, his expressions are great. And Shi Kyung, the video he left to the princess, I cried with them. I so liked them together, I was imagining their wedding, their kids playing with AhHa's :'( .

    Am I the only one who thought he was so so so so so sexy speaking foreign language? His english is great, I think he spoke japanese too and I know he's good at Japanese. He blew me away with his French, I speak French fluently and I understood everything he said. He had a sexy accent and I melted listening to him. I want more of him speaking in French!!!!

    And I love his hands. I do too. And I would be the happiest to receive a hug from him *_* .

    Thank you for the preview too (I'm stalking your LSG posts, I'll leave many comments ;) )