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Flower Boy Next Door Drama Review

Go Dok Mi(Park Shin Hye) is a recluse. She hides in her apartment, working as an editor for a publishing company, rarely goes outside unless she has to pick up packages or buy food, and avoids human contact at all lengths possible. She spends her free time looking out her window watching her incredibly attractive neighbor Tae Joon(Kim Jung San). Her other attractive neighbor, Oh Jin Rak(Kim Ji Hoon) spends his spare time noticing her. Jin Rak works as a webtoon artist whose latest project is about a girl who locks herself away from the world and her attractive neighbors, entitled Flower Boy Next Door. Jin Rak has been watching her quietly for three years in hopes that she'd eventually notice him and they're be together, but his plans, and her world, get thrown for a spin when genius game creator Enrique Geum(Yoon Shi Yoon) comes to visit his older cousin, Tae Joon, and catches Dok Mi in the midst of her spying. Enrique then decides to take it upon himself to introduce her to the world. How will she respond?

I liked this drama, I really did. In fact I loved it till about episode 12, and then it kind of went down hill.  I loved watching Go Dok Mi's develop through this drama; so often do we get characters with little to no layers and in this drama we had many characters with layers. The progress we see with not only Dok Mi's character but Enrique's and even Jin Rak's is wonderful! I loved watching Enrique bring Dok Mi out from under her blanket of comfort. She needed to be made uncomfortable in order to heal and Enrique was perfect for that job. Jin Rak is a great guy be he couldn't do what Enrique did. Watching a girl quietly for three years, hoping she'd notice you, and then you'll live happily ever after with her isn't a realistic dream. Passive is not what Dok Mi needed, she needed someone who tested her limits and pushed her comfort level. After she came out into the world, however, Dok Mi was plagued with what is commonly known as Noble Idiot Syndrome. This near fatal disease infects many lead females and lead males in dramas and, unfortunately, Dok Mi was a perfect candidate for it. *sigh* What could have been if she wasn't infected... I still love Park Shin Hye and she is still my favorite actress, but Yoon Shi Yoon took the spotlight in this drama. He really outdid himself and I absolutely loved him. The range of emotion he portrayed, facial expressions, the physical comedy, Yoon Shi Yoon did a fantastic job, and I'm super excited to see him in his next drama. The last episode sort of made up for the issues I had with the episodes after 12, but I would have liked it if the writers had let the cute ride through the whole drama rather than bring it back in the last episode. I liked the reoccurring themes of mind reading/hearing each other's souls, panda hats, and elephant trainers; they were cute and added to the drama.

I was confused about the plot with Tae Joon and Seo Young... they didn't really seem necessary to the drama and kind of were thrown in there for a few episodes, and then we never heard from them again. Whatever. I did like the little romance between Donghoon and the webtoon boss; that was cute. While I usually hate time lapses in drama, this one didn't bother me too much. I do like how they handled it, much better than some other dramas.
All in all, it was a pretty good drama, I wish some things were different, but I can't really do anything about that now can I?

Rating: 7.5/10

Memorable Moment:
Um... Episode 2!!!!!
This scene literally made me laugh out loud.  So short but so funny.
Jin Rak and Dong Hoon are presenting their webtoon idea to their webtoon editor who starts to become way too invested in the idea alone then tells them to send her episode 1. The reaction Jin Rak and Dong Hoon give is what makes the scene for me. And Dong Hoon's face afterwards.
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