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Vampire Prosecutor Drama Review

Summary: Min Tae Yeon(Yun Jung Hoon) is a relatively normal prosecutor until he gets into a car accident while chasing a lawyer and one of the people involved, the lawyer he's chasing, bites him, turning him into a vampire. He refuses to live the life of a normal vampire and instead chooses to drink the blood of dead people while living by certain morals. With his best friend, Detective Hwang Soon Bum(Lee Won Jung) and Min Tae Yeon's, newfound vampire abilities, Prosecutor Min works to solve cases and put away criminals who think they are above the law. As he works Prosecutor Min also searches for the vampire who is involved in his sister's disappearance and possible murder. When a case comes up that seems to point to a vampire, Prosecutor Min starts to wonder if it is the same man who was involved in his sister's case. With the help of teammate Yoo Jung In(Lee Young Ah) and intern Choi Dong Man(Kim Joo Young), Prosecutor Min hopes to finally uncover the mystery of his sister and the reason for him becoming a vampire.

Review: This show is interesting. It's different than the other dramas I've watched, but different in a good way. The story intrigued me, as did the hot guy, and though it was kind of creepy to watch, I enjoyed it. The reoccurring cast in this drama is very small so it was easy to keep track of all the members; this also made it so we didn't have to worry about complicated relationships with too many characters. With the cast literally being seven actors large we get to see more character development and character interactions than we would with a large cast.
For the first time I feel the need to mention the director of a drama. Director Kim Byung Soo did a great job at this drama. In every episode there's a slow motions, fast motion fighting scene between Prosecutor Min and one of the villains, it totally rocks. Director Kim did a fantastic job at filming these scenes because they go in and out of slow motion without seeming annoying or jarring.
This is one of those dramas where each episode is a different story, save the last two, but you can't watch them out of order because a small part of Prosecutor Min's background is in each episode.
I also liked how most of the drama we saw what seemed to be the benefits of being a vampire but every once in a while, we saw he struggles he goes through of trying to live normally with humans.
What I didn't like was how no one is able to capture how blood looks and this show is the same. All the shows make it look like water that's been dyed reddish-pink. Blood is so much thicker than that. Also, in one episode the team uncovers a hole in the ground where a serial killer has been keeping his victims for the past seven years. You'd think that if he's been killing people each year for seven years we would see some different levels of decomposer, but no, all the bodies look like they we put there seconds before they were uncovered. This was a smallish problem I had but I quickly got over it.
This drama is not for everyone. I know people won't like the creepiness, the blood, and the dark feel this drama gives off but I happen to like crime dramas so I loved it.
Prosecutor Min's character worked pretty well with the whole vampire idea. His personality is kind of detached from the world but not so much that it's unbelievable. It's pretty funny cause there's an episode where the team has to explain to Prosecutor Min what a Reality Date TV Show is cause he doesn't understand the concept/believe that there are such shows out there. Prosecutor Min also seems to understand that real relationships can't occur between a human and a vampire so he pretty much cuts off physical contact with everyone, unless he is beating them to a bloody pulp, so we really don't get the romance in this drama like we do with most, and it works for it. This drama didn't need romance to make it worth watching. In a lot of dramas it's the relationship between the lead male and lead female that keep the story going but this drama doesn't have it cause it doesn't need it. We get a few small hints at a possible romance but nothing more than a smile or some playful banter.
Vampire Prosecutor is being brought back for a second season!!! I'm super excited to see more of our sexy, eyeliner wearing, vampire prosecutor. I'm also excited to see what they do with his sister. I'm pretty sure she is the only one who could push him to the other side of the law, because where she is concerned his love for her is unconditional, as they showed in the last episode. He'd do anything for her and probably wouldn't notice he was doing wrong because in his eyes she will always be the young girl from seven years ago, rushing into her big brother's arms. This is kind of a scary thought because they say love is blind and his love for her would blind him from his moral sense of duty. I'm intrigued.

Rating: 7/10

Memorable Moment: Because of the nature of this drama, there wasn't a memorable moment.

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