Tuesday, April 30, 2013

B1A4's 4th Mini Album!

B1A4's new Mimi album "What's Going On" will be released on May 6th!! The music video for What's Going On will also be released on May 6th! I haven't posted anything about it cause I forgot... and now I've remembered. I can't wait to see what crazy, nonsensical English B1A4 pulls out this time. :) Tracklist!! I love B1A4.

1. Starlight Song
2. What's Going On?
3. Yesterday
4. Good Love
5. How Many Times

Nail Shop Paris

Taking place in a Nail Salon called Paris, female blogger Hong Yeo Joo(KARA's Gyuri) decides she wants to work there, but it's a male employee only shop. She dresses like a boy, lands a job, and becomes quick friends with fellow employee Jin(MBLAQ's Thunder). We also have Alex(Jeon Ji Hoo), the oldest of the three flower boys, and the ice prince, Kay(Song Jae Rim), the middle of the three. Kay and Alex seem to have some sort of a history, I'm guessing Alex dated Kay's ex-girlfriend or she cheated on him with Alex, I think there was a girl involved. Rounding off the cast is Yeo Joo's best friend, roommate, and eventually Jin's girlfriend, Ji Soo(Han Soo Young), and the shop owner Gyeum Mi Ryeo(Kim Chae Yeon).
I'm interested in this drama solely for Thunder. There have been a lot of girls impersonating guys to get jobs type of dramas so when I heard that another one was being made, I rolled my eyes. Gyuri is too pretty to be a boy; her features are too feminine. Her eyes are too slanted and wide, eyebrows too well shaped, hands too pretty, and her cheeks too angular to pull off being a boy. She looks like a girl with a really bad haircut rather than a flower boy. Have you seen Gyuri's figure? She's curvy; I really don't think anyone would be convinced, let along the female who would be hiring her, of her being a boy. Yeah, even in that ugly maroon sweater, you can see her narrow waist and wide hips.

Jin on the other hand is cute. He's super happy and has great listening skills. Jin's mother is a fortune teller and he has inherited some of her supernatural gifts which he uses to make his costumers happy.
I'm confused by the story. This drama is listed as a Romantic Comedy but I've read that Jin gets closer to Yeo Joo so he can eventually become a couple with her roommate Ji Soo. Who does Yeo Joo end up with? Alex? Kay? Jin? Alone? I've heard nothing about Jin and she becoming a couple even though they are the lead male and lead female. Will this be a drama where the second lead male gets the girl? A nice change, but I am thoroughly confused. Why does she get a job at this particular nail salon? Couldn't she be a nail artist at a salon which doesn't hire only flower boys? Very confused, mostly due to the lack of information released, but I'll keep my eye out and watch this drama when it starts up. We shall see...

Should Have Treated You Better

uBEAT is a U-Kiss subgroup. I was curious when I heard that U-Kiss would be doing a subunit with Eli, Kevin, and AJ cause I wanted to know what that sort of a group would sound like when it consists of three fluent English speakers, two of them rappers and one of them a singer. What type of songs would they produce? In U-Kiss' new album AJ and Eli did a rap/kind of singing party duet and Kevin did a ballad solo. So I expected a ballad with lots of rapping and that's kind of what we got. Should Have Treated You Better is a pop ballad with Kevin doing the main singing and Eli and AJ doing the rap sections and rapping in the background. Though I love these three and Kevin is amazing, this song was kind of forgettable. The music video almost felt a little awkward. I'm used to all five U-Kiss members dancing or just one of them singing; this was a little strange to watch the three of them just standing there, by the water, singing. And then there was that random three second dance section. I just didn't like this song or video... Sorry uBEAT, I still love you and I'll look for future songs, but I wasn't impressed with your debut.

f4fighting! here: I have to disagree with dramajunkie. I absolutely loved this song and mv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My three favorite members of U-kiss standing there looking way hot for me to just look at?? Wow I loved that. And the random three second dance section that they probably made up seconds before filming was ADORABLE!!! Made me happy. The girl I coulda done without though... As for the song, it's SO catchy. I was like dancing and (trying) to sing along! I LOVE the chorus especially Kevin's part. Nicely done, uBeat. I, too, am looking forward to future songs!!!


*sigh* This is why we love 2PM... We have a teaser for their upcoming album "Grown". We don't really know too much about the songs on the album but we do know that there will be 12 songs and some of them were written by the members themselves. The teaser also doesn't give us much information on the album. I had to watch it like half a dozen times before I realized that they don't give a release date, or an estimated release date. The teaser was a little... distracting... My first thought after seeing this teaser, okay maybe my third thought cause my first two were about how attractive they are, was that it kind of looks like a stalker fangirl snuck into their apartment and she's videoing them while they do normal things like change and drink water and fix their lightbulbs (which shouldn't produce that much sweat but whatever). Chansung, if you want, you can come change the lightbulbs in my house, I'm not tall enough to reach them. :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why So Serious?

I didn't love this song. I really liked the chorus but I wasn't wild about the rest of the song, something was missing, maybe Jonghyun, Jonghyun was missing, but it also didn't feel super SHINee to me. And where was Onew? He was in the video but he wasn't in the video that much and he didn't sing a lot, I thought that he was the leads singer, at least that's what his Wiki page says... I thought that maybe with Jonghyun having a broken nose and all, Onew would get more parts but I think he sang less in this song than in Dream Girl. *sigh*
I liked the dance and the second time I watched this video, I noticed that this was choreographed in a way that they could fit a fifth member in, so Jonghyun can perform live with them. Was Key doing the Zombie at 0:28? I think he was... I also noticed a few places where he should be singing so I'm really hoping that Taemin sang so much so they could replace  some of his parts with Jonghyun. *fingerscrossed* Yeah, Taemin sang a lot in this video. Minho also had a lot of rap parts and Key had a lot of singing/rapping parts.
I liked the costuming for this video, especially their green and grey suits. Loved that! And Key's plaid and leather pants, and Taemin's black top-hat, Key's black hat, Taemin's red top-hat, and Minho's black and white suit jacket. Much better than Dream Girl costumes (mostly those horrendous shorts Taemin was wearing). Did you see how long Minho's legs looked? I mean, I know they're long but but his legs looked so long. The last time I noticed how long Minho's legs were was Sherlock, when he was wearing those fantastic jeans. Speaking of fantastic. How do you spell hot? Three letters, KEY. I have always liked Key blonde, but now I absolutely love him blonde! The bleach blonde creates a great contrast to his features. So hot. I was also glad to see Taemin blonde again. I loved when he was blonde in the Japanese version of Lucifer and when he was blonde for SHINee in Barcelona and then he wasn't really blonde anymore, and now he's blonde again! Yay! Blonde is awesome!
I just had a few questions about this music video. Why was Minho playing with a steering wheel in the middle of a room? Did he not know that it wasn't attached to a car? Yeah, that looked a little odd to me. Why was Taemin singing into a stuffed rabbit's ears? And did they not care when another member stole the girl's attention? I swear Key would steal the girl from Onew in one frame and the next frame Onew would be sitting at a desk playing with a dog statue while Taemin steals the girl from Key. Why? I don't...? Whatever.
The title... Something about the title sound familiar... Something about them yelling that title made me think of another song... Why So Serious? I'm So Serious? I'm So Curious. Oh I'm Curious... Maybe not, maybe it's just me.
Really liked the chorus, didn't love the rest of the song, the music video was pretty good, and I loved the costumes and dance. Jonghyun, oppa! Get better soon! I miss your powerful voice; they really needed you in this song. I think the song would have been better with him singing. Holding out for live performances.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Highlight Medley!!!

Still don't know what to make of this album. I've listened to the highlight medley about ten times and I'm not sure if I like it yet... We shall see when it comes out. I'm so happy that Jonghyun is in this album, for a a day or so I got really nervous that they weren't going to put him in the album because of his accident. I'm happy that this is not the case. Friday!!! I am excited though a little nervous.
This is the link, cause I can't get the video to work:

Gu character introductions part 2!

Now that we've had the third and fourth episodes, we can introduce the rest of our cast! (I'm also going to throw in character development from episodes 5 and 6 cause I didn't finish this the week of the third and fourth episodes.) At the end of Episode Five I was like "Woah, be ready for some trouble" But at the end of Episode Six, I started planning the bad guy's funerals cause Kang Chi is pissed and you're all gonna die. Watch out. You thought Wol Ryung was a total beast when he got ticked, just wait to you see Kang Chi. Oh yeah! Bring it on!
This drama has me so addicted. I'm glad that the story is moving pretty quickly and Kang Chi is figuring out what he is early on in the drama rather then later cause that would just be lame. I'm also glad that Yeo Wool finds out Kang Chi isn't human the same time he does so we don't have to worry about the shock that Seo Hwa went through when she found out Wol Ryung was a Gumiho after being married to him for so long. I am a little curious when Yeo Wool will tell Kang Chi that she's actually a girl, cause I read that she'd tell him in either episode five or six but that didn't happen... I can see her walking up to him and in her deadpan tone saying "By the way, I'm a girl, not a boy." And his reaction would be great. Currently, I can see him, not falling in love with her cause he thinks she's a guy, but noticing that she's a good person and I think that will help push his love for her along when she finally tells him that she's a woman.
Suzy is doing a great job of keeping up with Lee Seung Gi in this drama but I'm noticing similarities between her character in Dream High and her character in Gu Family Book which is fine, but I find myself constantly telling her that she can't like Kang Chi cause she'll break Song Sam Dong's heart, and then I have to remind myself that this is a different drama. I don't know if the character was written like that or if she is just portraying Yeo Wool that way but I'm hoping that Suzy shows a little more in the versatile acting area later on. I'm not really complaining but it is something that I've noticed. Lee Seung Gi is doing a great job of keeping his characters in their respective dramas. Not once have I thought his characters from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or King 2 Hearts have leaked into this drama; I'm very proud of Lee Seung Gi for that. Can't wait for the next week!!!!

Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi): Curious, mischievous, trouble-maker. Despite the problems he causes, he has a good pure heart and was raised in the right way. Earnest little puppy, I feel so bad for him. I wanna stick him in my pocket and carry him around with me. Think of yourself once in a while!!!! And I'm excited to see how he reacts to learning of his true nature. I absolutely love that nature is connected with Kang Chi's emotions. If he's happy the wind reacts by playing with his hair and his surroundings but if he's ticked, be ready for hurricane force winds. I see that coming in handy later, or being a problem. I'm sad that Lee Seung Gi lost six pounds for this part. His face is thinner, I miss his chipmunk cheeks... :( But I still love his personality so it doesn't matter too much.

Jo Kwan Woong (Lee Sung Jae): I'm talking about him again, cause he's evil. Seriously, are you going to turn every argument against you into treason? Is that your fall back answer? Cause you've done it three times in the first five episodes... Get over yourself, not everything is about you, stop taking everything so personally, you aren't the center of the universe. And creepy. He was creepy in the first two episodes but now he's planning to rape yet another 20 year old girl after you wrongly kill her father for treason? We have places for people like you, it's called jail. And way to wake the sleeping beast, you are so screwed.

Gun (Sung Joon): I'm a little disappointed to see Sung Joon play the position of a bodyguard with few lines after seeing his incredible performance in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. BUT. He is so freaking funny. He doesn't say a lot, but the expressions he makes, and the things he says when he does speak? I could watch he and Kang Chi bicker for a full drama. They crack me up. He's awesome, so very awesome. He also has a one-sided crush on Yeo Wool and it's kind of sad how she doesn't even view him as a man but rather an object.

Dam Yeo Wool (Suzy): Currently dressed as a man, doesn't need someone to look out for her. I like strong heroines. She is starting to develop a pretty big crush on Kang Chi and while those two are destined to be together, I really hope they don't end up like his parents. Stay with him, he's a good person! You could handle his beast side better than Chung Jo could, in fact, I know she couldn't handle it.

Park Mul Soo (Uhm Hyo Sup): Such a good man, and I'm sad to see him go. Rarely do we get to see righteous, honest, kind-hearted father figures, and even more rarely do they get to live through the whole drama. He gives his life to save Kang Chi's, though I'm pretty sure Kang Chi could  have handled it, and has now passed on from this world.

Lady Yoon (Kim Hee Jung): Wife of Park Mul Soo, she also needs to get over herself. I understand that she's afraid of what Kang Chi is, but I don't understand why she's afraid to the point of resentment. He was a baby and he didn't hurt anyone. He may not be human but he tries to hard to be part of the family. Be nice to him. I know he likes your daughter but there are other ways to get him to stay away from her, other than trying to kill him. Bad idea. Calm down. And I know her hatred for him is just gonna grow stronger now that her husband gave his life to save Kang Chi's. *sigh* What is it with Korean moms?

Park Tae Seo (Yoo Yeon Seok): A relatively cool-headed scholar, though I think he needs to control his temper a bit, and extremely loyal to his family. Huge crush on Dam Yeo Wool. Has a brotherly relationship with Kang Chi but I'm sure that will be strained now that his father is dead and when Kang Chi starts pursuing Yeo Wool.

Park Chung Jo (Lee Yoo Bi): Lord Park's daughter and Kang Chi's first love. She has feelings for him but I don't think they're strong enough to survive his beastly side or the fact that her loving father is dead because of Kang Chi. She'll just be a hinderance when Kang Chi starts to fall in love with Yeo Wool so she has to go. Not die go, but no longer be in the picture, go. She isn't a weak character, actually I'm surprised by how strong she is, but she isn't right for Kang Chi. She really couldn't handle his Gumiho side. Let go of him, Chung Jo. Back away from the puppy!!!!

Dam Peyong Joon (Jo Sung Ha): Yeo Wool's father, former solider turned martial arts teacher. Once lead a manhunt for Wul Ryung, he's seen how big of a mistake that was and seems to be a good guy now. he is curious about Kang Chi and suspicious of who he is.

Ninja (Ryohei Otani): I love how this guy doesn't even get a name, he's just Ninja. Evil Kwan Woong's right-hand man.

Han Noh (Park Joo Hyun): The head guard at 100 Years Inn. Pretty awesome dude. I'm happy to see him playing a good guy after Gaksital. The poor guy never lasts past episode eight though.

Happy Birthday Jo Twins!!!!!!!

Today is the birthday of the Jo twins from Boyfriend!!! Cause one Jo isn't enough, there has to be tow of them! The Jo twins are Kwangmin and Youngmin. Youngmin is a visual, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of Boyfriend while Kwangmin is a visual, lead dancer, and main rapper. These two are turning 18 today. Wanna know how to tell these two apart? Youngmin's eyes are slightly larger and his neck is slightly longer. Kwangmin's natural hair color is half a shade darker than Youngmin's, and Youngmin usually parts his hair left while Kwangmin parts his to the right. They are technically the same height but Kwangmin's shoulders rest just higher than Youngmin's because of Youngmin's longer neck. Youngmin's face is also longer than Kwangmin's. These two are so cute! I mean how can they not be cute when there're two of them?

What is this?

What is this? Seriously. What is this? We honestly have no idea what this is... Is this a Donghae and Eunhyuk doing a solo in Japan? Or maybe Super Junior-M...J, or Maybe They just wanted to talk about Japanese stuff and possible songs? No idea, we really have no idea what this is... But we're posting it cause that's what we do. Mostly. I think they're doing a song called I Wanna Dance and then something about a title called Love That I Need... yeah... No idea.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's be serious

SHINee is releasing their music video for Why So Serious? from the second part of the Dream Girl album: The Misconceptions of Me. The music video will come out on Friday April 26th at noon, Korean time. I like the style of this music video better than the last music video. I wasn't wild about the mismatched printed suits and this concept looks a little more SHINee than those crazy suits. Seriously, please don't do those suits again. I'm not really sure what to expect from this song cause it has an interesting sound. It could be really cool. I hope it's a good song, but I wasn't expecting the upbeat sound from a title like Why So Serious? I blame Batman and the Joker, and maybe G-Dragon for tainting that phrase for me. Onew, I'm really happy that your hair is back. I did not like that red-orange, short, curly style on you.
Did anyone else notice something missing in this music video teaser? No? Let me give you a couple hints: 1, 2, 4, 5. Dino, Bling, Power vocalist. Jonghyun. Where is Jonghyun? Why are there only four members in this video? Oh right, Jonghyun got into a car accident and broke his nose. I think the Shawols would have waited for Jonghyun to get better. It's so sad to see only four members in this video. :( I love all of SHINee and would feel the same way if Onew were missing or Key, Minho, Taemin. SHINee needs all five members. Who's gonna belt out the high notes? Onew is good but he doesn't have the vocal range that Jonghyun does, and Taemin is getting better but he has a very long way to go before he's in Onew's and Jonghyun's league. *sigh* maybe he'll be in the live performances of it. :/ I am excited to see the dance for this song cause it looks like it'll be awesome!! April 26th!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Michi Go

Aw G-Dragon, I have absolutely no idea what to say about this music video. It's like Crayon. I didn't like the MV or the song, but eventually the song grew on me. I don't think I like the MV or the song for Michi Go, aka Go Crazy, but eventually I think the song will grow on me. I love G-Dragon but his style is getting a little too out there for me. I absolutely loved the Heartbreaker album and the MV for Heartbreaker and Breathe and I sort of wish he'd go back to his older style cause this new one is just a little too much for me. Yeah, the MV was odd... I wasn't a huge fan. Sorry G-Dragon.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

GD New Music Video?

G-Dragon has confirmed a release date for his new music video "Michi Go" April 20th is when the MV will come out. That's this Saturday. Here is the teaser poster for the MV. What do you guys think? I'm not really sure what to expect, but I'm used to that feeling when it comes to G-Dragon.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Misconceptions of Me

SHINee's Part 2 of the Dream Girl album will be released soon, probably, hopefully. The tracklist for the second part of the album has been released for a while but I haven't posted it yet. The concept for Part 1: The Misconceptions of You, was lighter dream like but Part 2: The Misconceptions of Me, looks like it will take on the darker nightmarish side of the dream world. We shall see when it comes out.

01: Nightmare
02: Excuse Me Miss
03: Danger
04: Like a Fire
05: Why So Serious?
06: Can't Leave
07: Music Box
08: Evil
09: It's You

Friday, April 12, 2013

Picture time!!

So I'm not exactly sure what this is for, but it's Myungsoo and I love Myungsoo so I felt the need to post about it. L's Bravo Viewtiful. It looks like some sort of photo album is going to be released in which Myungsoo is the photographer? Maybe? I don't know but it is coming soon and I'm excited! Myungsoo, only you can make that sweater look good. May of 2013 is the estimated release date, hopefully the beginning of May.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gu Family Book has started!

Well the Gu Family Book has started and it is killing me. Character introductions!!!!!

This will be a little hard to do considering our main characters haven't been introduced yet/some of them probably not even born yet... Should I wait till episode four to do this or just do another one next week? Yeah, I'll just post another one next week.

Gu Wol Ryung(Choi Jin Hyuk): Holy Guardian God of Mt. Jiri. Though never actually specified, we assume he is a Gumiho. Kind hearted, curious, love humans, protector of butterflies, wicked awesome ability to control the forest, Wol Ryung is all around cool. He falls in love with run away human state slave, Yoon Seo Hwa, and rescues her from those who would wish her harm. Marries Seo Hwa and is the father of her child, Kang Chi.

Yoon Seo Hwa(Lee Yeon Hee): Previously a nobleman's daughter but once her father is wrongfully accused and killed, she is sold to the local Gisaeng House as a state slave. She flees after learning that the man who killed her father is coming for her. With the help of her brother and sister-like handmaid, she runs in the forest but becomes too weak to keep running and eventually faints, only to be saved by Wol Ryung. The two end op marrying each other but after a few bad decisions made on her, and his, part she ends up betraying Wol Ryung and causes his death. Only after Wol Ryung is dead does she find out that she is pregnant with his child, Kang Chi.

Dam Pyung Joon(Jo Sung Ha): A bad-ish guy who hunts Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung. He does seem to have a heart as she shows compassion and even regret towards the end of episode two.

Yoon(Lee David): Seo Hwa's younger brother. he loves his sister and it seems he almost has a crush on Seo Hwa's Handmain, Dam. After helping his sister flee, he is captured and hanged.

Dam(Kim Bo Mi): Seo Hwa's handmaid. Definitely has a crush on Yoon. After helping Seo Hwa escape and watching Yoon hanged, she hangs herself.

Sojung(Kim Hee Won): Wol Ryung's monk friend who tries to persuade Wol Ryung against loving a human.

Jo Gwan Woong(Lee Sung Jae): Evil to the core! Betrays his friend, kills him, then tries to rape Seo Hwa, no chance of redemption for this incredibly evil character. I hope he dies.

Park Moo Sul(Uhm Hyo Sup): The man who finds baby Kang Chi after Seo Hwa puts him in a basket. He decides to raise the baby.

Chun Soo Ryung: the head Gisaeng. Cold hearted, but gains some compassion towards the end, even if it's a little late.
I'm not going to mention Kang Chi in this post because, although he does appear in the second episode, his character is played by a baby, not Lee Seung Gi. He'll come in the next post along with Suzy, Sung Joon, Lee Yoo Bi.

I have never been so emotionally scarred by the first two episodes of a drama like I have been by this one. King 2 Hearts left me wanting to die but it took a full drama to make that happen. This drama has made me hurt so much in the first two hours and I love it. Pain. I was no expecting so much pain and sadness. I love it. I could watch a whole drama with Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung. Those two actors did an incredibly job at putting so much feeling and emotion into their characters in two episodes than most can do in twelve. Truly stellar. On that note, I'm glad they kept the backstory to a minimum of two episodes. Though I loved those two, I already knew their story and what their fates were; I wanted to get onto the main story rather than petter around a backstory for a quarter of the drama. I love how the mystical elements are used in a way that makes them almost seem believable. Almost. If this is what the backstory is like, I can't wait to watch the main story! A very strong and captivating start to what has the possibility to be a really good drama.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Eunhyuk!

So Eunhyuk's birthday was actually a few days ago, but I completely spaced on posting about it, so here it is!!! Happy Birthday, Hyukjae!!!! Super Junior's Main Dancer had his birthday on the third of April! He turned 27 on Wednesday. Wow, Super Junior is sure growing into adults. And when a male becomes an adult it can only mean one thing, Military Service. I'm loathe to see Super Junior head towards Military Service but luckily, we have a little bit longer before Eunhyuk will take that path. This incredibly talented dancer and rapper is known as Super Junior's Monkey, or Anchovy. He's the one who always wears the Bean Sprout costume and he also dresses up like a giraffe. One of the three Mischievous Lee "brothers" of Super Junior, Eunhyuk makes it into the "Good looking Blonde KPop Idols" group. Happy Birthday Hyukie!!!

Jonghyun's birthday!!!

Today is the birthday of SHINee's main vocalist Kim Jonghyun!!!!!! Today he turns 23!!!! SHINee is growing up so fast, it makes me sad but happy at the same time. Jonghyun is the shortest member of SHINee, his vocal range spans four octaves. SHINee's bling bling, Dino, king of skinship, the member who bites his lips, lick his lips, bite his thumb, and bite his tongue most often. Oh, look at his smile! It says "Yeah, I'm attractive, and I know it." We love you Jonghyun, Oppa!