Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yoo Yeon Suk for the Gu House!

Actor Yoo Yeon Suk has joined the cast of The Writings of Nine Houses/The Gu Family Book! This actor was recently playing the bad guy in A Werewolf Boy with Song Joong Ki. He'll be playing Lee Seung Gi's rival and his character will be very skilled in martial arts, a top scholar, and just an all around perfect boy. I have never seen anything this actor has been in, but if he was acting alongside Song Joong Ki and now with Lee Seung Gi, then he must be good.  Can't wait for this drama to come out the end of March/beginning of April. Little tidbit: this drama will be the first Historical drama for all three of our leads. Interesting, we'll see how they do!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goong/Palace/Princess Hours Review

Shin Chae Kyung(Yoo Eun Hye) is a common, average girl. Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon) is the Crown Prince. Due to a promise made by their grandfathers, the two end up marring each other after the health of Shin's father, the king, starts failing. Unfortunately, Shin is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Hyo Rin(Song Ji Hyo), to whom he recently proposed and was rejected. After Shin marries Chae Kyung, Hyo Rin decides that she really loves Shin and tries to win him back. Just before the wedding of Shin and Chae Kyung, Shin's cousin, Prince Yool, returns to Korea and instantly falls in love with Chae Kyung. The love square causes scandals and problems in the palace and a question arrises: Who should be the next king, Shin or Yool?

This drama was just alright. I never fell in love with any of the characters, though I did fall in love with a couple quirks that they had. There was at least one point in the drama where I wanted to slap every character, save two or three, repeatedly; some more than others. I felt that the drama could have been cut by about 6-9 episodes because there were a few where nothing happened/the same thing happened again/episodes were too similar. There was also absolutely zero romantic chemistry. Chae Kyung and Shin were just Blah together. He was in love with Hyo Rin the whole time and he paid her little to no attention and their relationship just didn't seem real. I also wanted to tell Chae Kyung to grow a backbone but I knew it wouldn't help. She was so passive, I wanted to scream, and he was so rude. Now I'm not saying that I wanted her to end up with Yool cause I didn't, but I also didn't want her to end up with Shin. Congratulations Goong, this is a first for me; I didn't want the lead female to end up with either of the lead males. I did start out liking Yool. He was sweet, kind, understanding, but after a while I got annoyed by him and wanted to shout, "Stop tormenting yourself!!! She's rejected you three times! Stop chasing after a love you never had!!!" I will give him props for being persistent even though she gave him no signs of encouragement.

Hyo Rin drove me up the wall and eventually I just rolled my eyes when she came into the scenes. Really? Attempted suicide after your ex-boyfriend tells you that he doesn't love you anymore? You're gonna join that stereotype? I'm also wondering if Shin's three friends were just really stupid or super mean. Still not sure about that one though later in the drama they tone down their stupidness/meanness.
The few characters I didn't want to slap were Chae Kyung's friend Kang Hyun, Shin's older sister, and Shin's and Yool's grandmother.
Kang Hyun was cute, nerdy, a little blunt, but understanding. A cute one-sided ish relationship forms between one of Shin's friends and Kang Hyun, she totally loved the attention he gave her but she never would have admitted it.
Shin's older sister was wise, understanding, and is usually the voice of reason between the teenagers and the adults.
Grandmother, the Great Queen Mother, was super funny. She laughed at all the awkward, inappropriate moments, and didn't understand modern speech so when she used it, it sounded hilarious.
I did, however, like when Yool was explaining why Shin wouldn't do something rash because he "just doesn't care" and lacked the emotion to do so. You have described that character to a tee.
I also have a problem with the lead actress, Yoo Eun Hye. I don't like to put it this way, but I feel that she's only good for crying. The actress can cry really well, but I feel that every role she plays, all she does is cry and this drama was worse than most. She cried at least once every two episodes. I wanted to  grab her by the shirtfront and tell her to get ahold of herself.
P.s. I want Yool's necklace. I just do. I want to retitle this drama so it says "those awkward moments when you inadvertently tell your family that you're in love with your cousin-in-law and they get it, but they don't" I swear Yool all but told them he loved Chae Kyung at least five times before he flat out stated it. It looked like they knew each time he "told" them that he was in love with her, but when he finally announced that he deeply loved her, they all looked shocked and I was left wondering what the other surprised and pained expressions meant.
Or maybe I'll retitle it "Two hypocrites, their messed up sons, and three unfortunate ladies" Yeah, I like that one better. Stupid King and Queen Mother.

Rating: 3/10, not worth your time, do not watch it. In F4fighting!'s rating system: Fail/10

Memorable Moment:

When it ended... I remember when it ended... Not good enough? Okay, there was one scene that I liked.

Episode 23:

Shin and Chae Kyung have reconciled and Shin asks Chae Kyung to stay by his side. Not the most romantic confession but whatever it took him 23 episodes to do it, I guess we should be happy it actually happened.

After she agrees to stay with him, the two are lying on his couch talking about the arson charge he has going for him. Shin comments that she would have to bring home the money when he's kicked out of the palace and she tells him that he can do the housework. He claims that men aren't supposed to do housework and she suggests that he might like it. We then get an imagination sequence of what that lifestyle could be like, complete with Shin in a cute yellow apron.

Oh how I wish this would have actually happened!!!
Shin then gets a wise idea and suggests that they have a peacemaking ceremony cause they haven't made peace in a while. His subtlety is only short of a '*nudge* if you know what I mean... *wink wink*' Chae Kyung probably knows what he's asking for as she starts to play along, but she quickly jumps up and starts singing the South Korean Goal Ceremony. Shin all but *facepalms* himself as he sits there while she runs off, still chanting. After she's pretty much gone he asks if she thinks he's a fool? Of course he knows what the Goal Ceremony is, then proceeds to chat for a second before going back to mope about his rotten luck.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Drama Review

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band:

Eye Candy is a teenage band consisting of six members:
Joo Byung Hee (Lee Min Ki):
Position: Leader, Vocals, Guitarist, composer
The insane, wild, lonely, and sad eyed leader of Eye Candy is best known for being purely crazy.

Kwon Ji Hyuk(Sung Joon):
Position: Leader, Vocals, Guitarist
Byung Hee's best friend, cold, distant, and a monster in a fight.

Lee Hyun Soo(Infinite's L/Kim Myung Soo):
Position: Guitarist
AKA the Ice Prince, Hyun Soo never smiles(but the few times he does smile make you realize just how handsome Myung Soo really is), has a sister who is very sick, also great in a fight.

Jang Do Il(Lee Hyun Jae):
Position: Drummer
Son of a gang leader, quiet, mysterious, extremely intelligent, usually the voice of reason in the band, and he is the only one who semi understands Ji Hyuk's logic. Great in a fight.

Seo Kyung Jong(Kim Min Seok):
Position: Keyboardist, assumed Maknae(though it's never really stated)
From Busan, the pseudo maknae of the group, tries to keep the peace when Ha Jin fights with others, but he isn't against joining in on the fight.

Kim Ha Jin(Yoo Min Kyu):
Position: Bassist
Play boy, play boy, play boy, hot tempered, good with the ladies, and vicious in a fight.

These six boys want nothing more than to keep playing music and having fun, AKA making trouble, and Leader Byung Hee wants the band to perform on a rock stage at a Battle of the Bands competition; but when the band gets transferred to a high end school and end up getting in a war with Strawberry Fields, the resident band, Byung Hee accidentally ends up dead and their music gains a deeper meaning than just fun. Ji Hyuk takes on the role of Leader and Eye Candy decides to make Byung Hee's final dream come true.

Heartfelt, full of teenage angst, the meaning of friendship, and finding what you're meant to do and where you belong in this world. This drama is wonderful. You'll fall in love with the characters, go through the pain they go through, and feel the love that have for each other.  I loved every character, except Woo Kyung but I got used to her, and went through their troubles with them. The boys are so cute when they are all together and getting along!!!!!!!!!! I'm truly a huge sucker for bromance, and I love when friends are in each other's company and having a good time. I'm definitely a sucker for good friendships.

Truly a heartfelt drama, I loved every second of it. I really liked how the last episode didn't resolve everything. Everyone wasn't perfect, they still had a lot of growing to do, their paths weren't clear and they were still searching for answers. This drama shows that, if you do it the right way, everything doesn't have to be quickly wrapped up, you can leave some loose ends and it will still be great.

Though I loved every second of this drama and I've never felt more satisfied with an ending and a drama as a whole, it isn't my favorite and for the longest time I couldn't figure out why; then F4fighting! told me that while she loved the characters, she didn't LOVE the characters and I think that was the problem with me. I loved the characters to death, but I never became obsessed with them like I do in most dramas. You're Beautiful had Jeremy, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho had MiHo, SungKyunKwan Scandal had Goo Yong Ha, City Hunter had Prosecutor Kim. I loved all those characters to the point where I was giddy when they came on screen, but I didn't feel that way with anyone in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. I think that exceptionally lovable characters help hide plot flaws and while SUFLB didn't have too many plot flaws and I felt for every character, I never really attached to any of them. I did really like Teacher Kim at times, he had some incredibly inspiring speeches. Way to be awesome, Teacher Kim.

Rating: 9/10

Memorable Moment:

Episode 3:

Shortly after Byung Hee's death, we see the remaining band members walking around town in the snow with Byung Hee's picture. Kyung Jong takes off his jacket and puts it around the picture, saying how Byung Hee hated being cold. After walking to the Pool Hall, they talk about things that Byung Hee loved to do and things he hated. The scene isn't very long but you can feel the love and loss among the boys and your heart aches cause you know their rough times without Byung Hee have only begun.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

KPop Challenge Post 23

Kpop Challenge Day 23:

Favorite OTP:

KyuMin from Super Junior!!!! I LOVE these two. LOVE them!!!! A fan once asked Kyuhyun if she could marry him and he replied "When Sungmin allows it." He has also told fans that they can't have Sungmin cause he's his. These two are the best. Love them, they're super cute.

I seriously have about seven million more of these KyuMin macros...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

KPop Challenge Post 22

KPop Challenge Post 22:

Favorite Maknae:

Taeminnie!!! He's so cute and still just a child so some of the things he does make me laugh. He's an amazing dancer and that's all I'm going to say about him cause I've already gone on a Taemin fangirl rant see Day 20.

F4fighting!: Haha, Taemin!! You just try to beat Kyuhyun!! My favorite maknae has a heart of Evil, and a gorgeous smirk to boot! I completely adore the Super Junior Maknae and love the way he treats his hyungs!! I could talk about him for hours....but I already have!! *see just about every post I've ever made*   Together Kyuie and Taemin could take over the world!!! Kyuie being Prez and Taemin Vice Prez, of course ;) But seriously, two greatest maknaes ever!!!

That Winter, the Wind Blows

On Feburary 13th 2013 That Winter, the Wind Blows will be released. This drama is about an orphan, high class gambler, playboy, con-artist who decides to get money from rich, blind woman by pretending to be her lost brother. Zo In Sung will be playing the role of the playboy while Song Hye Kyo will be playing the blind woman. Jung Eun Ji plays the younger sister of InSung's first love and rounding off the cast is Kim Bum as In Sung's hotheaded best friend. The drama will follow The Great Seer and will take the Wednesday and Thursday spot. Episode Count is 16. It seems like this drama will be a dramatic melodrama romance sort of gig and while I'm not huge into the melodramas, Kim Bum is in it so I'll at least check it out.

Monday, January 21, 2013

KPop Challenge Post 21

KPop Challenge Post 21:

Favorite Leader:


This was one of the easiest questions for me to answer. I LOVE G-Dragon. Love him. He terrifies me at times, but I love him so much. He's nearly flawless. He writes music, he's beautiful, adorable, such a bad boy and a good boy, he can rap like none other, and he can freaking sing!!!! How can one person be so talented? It's pretty strange to hear a rapper with such a pretty voice. No offense to rappers, I love them to death, but in KPop I think we usually get those who are really good at singing but aren't strong rappers and we get rappers who are great at rapping but not so much at singing and that is perfectly fine because that is what they were hired to do. Yoseob is a singer, T.O.P is a rapper, they are both incredible at what they do but rarely do we get a KPop Idol who can do both really well. G-Dragon is one of the few that can not only rap incredibly fast and well, but his singing voice is super pretty. i.e: Baby Goodnight and Crayon.

F4fighting!: Not gonna lie...but I simply want to mention Leader Jinyoung of B1A4 simply because I want to talk about Leader Jinyoung of B1A4...Isn't he adorable?? Wow, I love him so much. Especially with his red perfectly ruffled hairdo. I love his voice. He possesses one of my favorite vocal chords of all time. Just listen to it in Tried To Walk or Baby, I'm Sorry. It's so other worldly (kinda like how Ryeowook's is other worldly but different...)! He is just so talented (well his English could use some work ;) and I am so impressed with his group!! He is a fantastic hyung to those boys and a fantastic appa on Hello Baby! He's got the better ;P Wow...fangirl rant over... 
Sprout Daddy
Buing Buing!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kpop Challenge Day 20

KPop Challenge Day 20:

Favorite Main Dancer:

I think that there are a lot of incredibly talented dancers in Kpop. Eunhyuk has a great hip-hop style, Kevin dances like a girl way better than I could ever dream to, Taeyang's dancing comes straight from his soul, all of 2PM are incredibly acrobatic, Infinite's Scorpion Dance is insane, and GD can make everyone feel like complete idiots with his simple yet so incredibly difficult dance moves. Taemin, however, exudes talent when it comes to dancing.
Don't get me wrong, all of these dancers are incredibly talented but, Taemin, hands down, wins this contest. This boy is my favorite dancer. He is incredible. It's like he has music running through his veins rather than blood; it's so embedded in his soul and his being that I don't think he could live without dancing. Like if you took dancing away from him, I don't think he'd survive cause it's as vital to him and breathing is. I've never seen a dancer so in-tune with music. I don't know how he does it but his movements are so crisp and sharp yet still seem flawless, complex, and completely effortless. He was born to dance. That is his purpose and he is doing it very well. He is so quick and rhythmic. Honestly, how is he so amazing? And I love how he is super shy and cute but when he dances he's all powerful, confident, and, frankly, extremely hot. I'm pretty sure he eats, sleeps, drinks, loves, and lives for dancing. All the members of SHINee are amazing dancers but I think Taemin has become way better than any of them, even Key, could ever be. He really is amazing and out-dances every other person on stage with him. Way to be the best dancer out there, Taemin. So musically talented, I can't get over it. Or him, I can't get over him either.

F4fighting!: How can I even try to talk after that gorgeous poem of truthful praise? Taemin is a dancing god. To dramajunkie's words I pay tribute with a solid and well placed, amen.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Kangin!!

Happy Birthday to Super Junior's Kangin!! Today he turns 28. Wow, Super Junior is so grown up. Kangin has already returned from his mandatory army service and his return was received very well. Kangin was one of the top three most popular members of Super Junior before he served and I think that since his return, he still takes a seat in the top three most popular. Kangin is not our most favorite member of Super Junior, I think he might even be our least favorite member, F4fighting! might correct me on this (by least favorite I mean, out of our top 13 favorite Super Junior members, cause we love all of Super Junior, he is number 13), but that's because we weren't introduced to Super Junior before he left. We never really got to know him so his return wasn't as big a thing for us as it was for others.
We did however like him in Pinup Boys. He holds a special place in our hearts and we're glad that he's in Super Junior.

Kiseop's Birthday!!

Today is Kiseop's Birthday!!! Kiseop is the main dancer and backing vocalist for U-Kiss. He is the best dancing Zombie, an amazing beatboxer, and a very important member of U-Kiss. Today he turns 22. The rest of U-Kiss seem to have some obsession about Kiseop showing off his stomach even though he doesn't have a "six pack like Rain", Eli's words, not mine. We love Kiseop, and I think he is currently the most popular member in U-Kiss. Actually last time I checked he was the most popular member. Good for him.